24" x 60" Natural Gas (NG) Space Heater, 240V

Part # 90-2460S3G-40

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Commonly used in larger buildings, such as compressor buildings. Please contact us if you need assistance with determining the specific size heater for your needs.

Product Specifications
Heater Size:
24″ x 60″
BTU Rating:
60,000 BTU/HR
Starting Voltage:
240 Volts
Starting Amps:
4.2 Amps
Fuel Gas:
Natural Gas
Fuel Gas Consumption:
60.0 SCFH
Appx Weight:
68 lbs.
Dimensional Drawings
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Why CATCO Space Heating

Catco space heaters offer unmatched safety to your people and equipment because they are flameless. What’s more, the radiant heat projected by Catco space heaters can be directly focused and thus will do a better job of heating what they are pointed at than other types of space heaters can provide. Because the heaters have no moving parts, they are easy to maintain. And because they run on natural gas instead of electricity, the operation cost is very low.